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'I like everything about the Journal - the format, presentation, style, and the beautiful texts and poems and the ways in which these work together. There is a very special connectivity, ethos and taste which elevates this publication - it is rigorous and refreshing, both focused and adventurous in its scope.’

Ian MacFadyen, Writer, and William Burroughs Scholar.


Ragged Lion Journal #4.

May. MMXX.






Reminiscences of the Eternal Feast: Six Impressions of Goya’s Saturn Devouring His Son (1819-1823) // Martin Bladh


Dennis Nilsen: The Heart and Its Reasons // Lana Durjava


 The Marquis de Sade and the Gothic Novel // Maurice Heine // Translated 

from the French to English by R J Dent




Echoes & Reverberations // Steve Finbow


Le Flacon/The Flask // Baudelaire // Translated by Peter O’Neill


Da Brik Meets Matisse, and The End as I Imagine It  // El Habib Louai


Old capital is not as heady as new, nothing heady about none, 

I Lost You on the Train, and Untitled // Bonny Finberg


Smoke // Antonia Alexandra Klimenko


Golden Aphorisms, Delfica, and Panorama // Gerard de Nerval // Translated by R J Dent


The Laurel Cursed // Jean Cocteau // Translated by R J Dent


 For Ira (Cohen), and When Orpheus Died // Hans Plomp 


 The Gleaning (For Laura) // Peter O’Neill




Drawings and Paintings  // Alexander Adams


Ragged Lion Journal #3







Generation Bloodbath // Paul Curran

Attempting Death at Sea // Amanda Hodgson

Self-Destruction in Art and Life // Lana Durjava

A section from the Second Cantos of Les Chants 

de Maldoror // Comte de Lautreamont // Translated by R J Dent

-/+ // Michael McAloran

Richard Brautigan’s days in Amsterdam // Rene Van Der Voort

Francis Bacon: A Corrosive Kind of Love // Lana Durjava

Wrestling with the Sky: Mayakovsky’s Revolutionary Influence 

on Frank O’Hara’s Revolutionary Verse // Nina Zivancevic




Twelve Times Twelve, and New Mutations // Audrey Szasz

Why I Didn’t Fuck Zizek // Tom Bland

Ramadan Roundabout // Pociao

Summer // Georg Trakl // Translated by R J Dent

Airborne, In Negative, and Male Pain Fixation // Karina Bush

The Opiate, and The 1000 Names  // Louise Landes Levi

Rene Daumal // Translated by Louise Landes Levi

The Devil in Red Velvet, Poetry Readings, and Crack // Jeremy Reed




‘Topographies of Ecstacy’// Drawings by Nick Hudson



edited by e.a.d. sellors


Ragged Lion Journal #2.

April. MMXX.




It Seemed Like The Perfect Music // Hosho  McCreesh


Mother: a prose sonnet // Erika Krouse


Balancing: Karl Wallenda’s Watch // Bill Meissner


Keep your Distance: Magical and Alternative Reality in 

the Poems of Pascale Petit and Matthew Sweeney // Derek Adams




A Long Time To Fall Down Those Short Stairs // Scott Wannberg


What Comes Between // S.A. Griffin


The Last Night at Teatro & huck’s river, philadelphia // John Dorsey


Romulus and Remus // David Lehman


The Hermit for Janine Pommy Vega // Pamela Twining


Until You Know & Way Back Then // Andy Clausen


Your Nothingness, and In Debt// Lisa Marie Jarlborn


The Forge // John D Robinson


Ray // Scot D Young


Middle Man // Cheryl A. Rice


Poem for Gregory Corso // A.D. Winans


She Sat For Decades // Neeli Cherkovski


I Had A Feeling // Scott Wannberg




‘Foetus In Utero’ Alexandra Unger


‘Pecking Order’ Etchings III, I, IV by Kim Tong



edited by e.a.d.sellors


Printed in an edition of 200 copies


Ragged Lion Journal #1

April MMXX




"Johnny, Remember Me" - Hart Crane's Suicide // Jeremy Reed


Paracosmic Immersion & Temporal Distorition // Audrey Szasz


The Meaning of 34 Words // Steve Finbow


Pierre Guyotat: Dialogues, Hallucinations, Documents // Stephen Barber


Henri Michaux: An Introduction // Louise Landes Levi




Two Codas from THE PRESIDENT OF DESOLATION: 1/Coda to A Book of Mirrors. & 2/Coda for Two Voices to A Book of Gods // Jerome Rothenberg


Thomas Edward Lawrence, 1888-1935, and Lee Harwood, 1939-2015 // Gerard Malanga


Portrait of Space, 1937 (Egypt 1937) and Long Distance Information (Egypt 1938) // Derek Adams


Prisoners of the Air, and Awakening In The Night // D.R. Wagner


isms 2, and isms 3 // Niall McDevitt


Kelifus, and Husk #19 // Yannis LIvadas


A Selection from TOWARD TOTALITY (Vers La Completude), & Other Poems by Henri MIchaux: In Truth, On The Street Of Death, and The Letter // Henri Michaux // Translated by Louise Landes Levi




'Foetus In Utero' // Alexandra Unger

'Pecking Order' Etchings VI, II, VII, VIII // Kim Tong



edited by e.a.d. sellors


Printed in an edition of 200 copies

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