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SUNYAB Reading 2/7/1969

James Wright

Recorded by Allen De Loach. 1969.

Cassette Tape with inserts.

A Ragged Lion Press/Counter Culture Chronicles joint release. 


        MY BONES IN THE SOUP OF MY GRAVE - Yannis Livadas​

         A new book of poetry by Yannis Livadas.

Paperback. £7.95

“Certainty threatens me. Uncertainty nourishes me. The hope of communication will always be the pretext, yet authenticity remains the most serious irreverence in the interests of humanity.

Poetry is not a theory about things, or a danger-free method for approaching things. It is a non-theory, a practice. Imagination rather than philosophy. Wisdom rather than morality. In enjoins without confusing and it distinguishes without dividing.

An actual address to what has escaped the notice.

Sooner or later the marquee will be plunged into darkness; that is its one and only certitude. Man is the technology of death; life is his experiment. What is written is debited into his account for all eternity.”

-Yannis Livadas, Paris 

"Readers will welcome this new collection of poems by Yannis Livadas. It is a minefield of fantastic images and poetic intelligence that is sure to take its place as a major contribution to 21th-century literature. Livadas never misses, he hits the mark every time"

Neeli Cherkovski


A SUM OF HAIKU 1991-1997 - Yannis Livadas

The poems are previously unpublished, read on by the late Lucien Stryk, and appear here for a first time.

Paperback. £7.95

“Haiku, I would say, is something that is due while at the same time  it does not exist, and if a nugget of its nature ends up to man, it is only its unconceivable meaning, which as such has nothing more to offer than a jolt to his feasibility and mortality.”


Yannis Livadas, Paris 2013


“Yannis Livadas has written a remarkable group of haiku. He is very close in spirit to Issa, one of haiku's Great Four, with the same humor, compassion, and tenderness, yet he is very much as writer his own man. His haiku would appeal, I’m confident, to all who care for the art, and he deserves a large readership. It takes a very special sensibility to create such a fine body of poetry, and at every turn in the group one finds evidence of just such a sensibility. It would be most difficult for me to single out favorite pieces, for I am impressed by all of the poems. Yannis Livadas is to be congratulated on his achievement, a very real one, and he should be read for the sheer pleasure of his work.”


Lucien Stryk 1997



Walking Through Puberty:

Selected Short Stories.

By A. D. Winans


A selection of short stories by A. D. Winans, illustrated with original photographs from the authors archive. Published in an open paperback edition and a hand-bound hardback lettered special that is signed by the author and binder Bill Roberts.

Paperback. £8


" A. D. Winans is one of the few writers I have met (and I've met Too God Damned many of them) who doesn't act like a writer or think of himself continually as a writer, and maybe that is why he writes better than they do.  I always prefer a poet I can tolerate for more than ten minutes; that's rare, and so is A. D."

- Charles Bukowski




A collection of new poems by A D Winans, released here its first edition. Cover art by Bob Branaman.

To secure and pre-order your copies follow the links below:

Paperback. £6 

“A.D. Winans is the poet heart of San Francisco.  He tells it like it was and is.  His eye, sense of the observed detail, his empathy for the ruin and resurrection of San Francisco, is unique."


- David Meltzer

"Here is a word-slinger, A. D. Winans, a poet of clarity, an artful man who makes it all seem to easy, a captive writer in his home port, San Francisco, a voice nailed onto the soil of his native land, capable of writing as he speaks."


- Neeli Cherkovski


Counter Culture Chronicles & Ragged Lion Press

Audio Releases

The Poetics Of The Voice - A previously unreleased reading and talk by Gregory Corso recorded by Allen De Loach.


Cassette Tape with inserts.


Released in an edition of  80 copies £10

Original previously unpublished Photo-montages of William S Burroughs and Brion Gysin released here in the first printing in an edition of 100 numbered copies, and 26 deluxe lettered hardback.

Includes two professionally-printed 4x6" photographs and a mini-sheet of commemorative artistamps which were perforated in an antique Southworth pin perforator enclosed in letterpress-printed covers. The deluxe edition is bound in letterpress-printed boards. Designed and printed by Bill Roberts at Bottle of Smoke Press.

Regular edition — Bound in card covers with artistamp sheet of the two images, perforated on a 100-year-old pin perforator. Numbered edition of 100. 


Deluxe edition — Quarter-bound in cloth and printed covers over boards with artistamp sheet of the two images, perforated on a 100-year-old pin perforator. Signed by the book binder. Lettered edition of 26 copies.


BURROUGHS/GYSIN Experimental Photo Collages

by Allen De Loach

THE BLACK BOOK  by Jeremy Reed and Arthur Rimbaud


A new translation, and modern reworking of Arthur Rimbaud's A Season in Hell, by Jeremy Reed. Released here in its first edition of 113 copies, fully letterpress printed and hand-bound in hardback. Printed on 130gsm Hahnemühle Bugra paper on a Vandercook SP-15 press. 


100 copies (1-100). Fully-bound in letterpress-printed black cloth covers with purple endpapers. Signed by the author.


10 deluxe copies (A-J). Fully-bound in letterpress printed velvet covers with paste-paper endpapers. Each copy contains an original hand-written poem by Jeremy Reed. Signed by the author & housed in a custom- made matching clamshell.



3 Fully-bound in silk covers with hand-marbled endpapers. Each copy contains an original hand-written poem by Jeremy Reed. Signed by the author & housed in a custom made matching clamshell. Issued hors commerce. 

INCOGNITO, ERGO SUM by Charles Plymell.


A collection of new poems by Charles Plymell, released here in its first edition, in an run of 105 hardback copies. Designed, printed, and hand-bound by Bill Roberts at Bottle of Smoke Press in the hamlet of Wallkill, New York. The cover is printed on 160gsm Fabriano Tiziano paper. The text is printed on Magnani paper. Printed letterpress on a Vandercook SP-15.


This book is limited to an edition of 105 hardcover copies:


75 numbered copies (1-75). Quarter-bound in dark blue cloth and letterpress-printed paper over boards. Signed by the Author.


26 lettered copies (A-Z). Quarter-bound in red patterned cloth and letterpress-printed paper over boards. Signed by the author.


4 copies, issued hors commerce. Quarter-bound in patterned silk and letterpress-printed paper over boards. Signed with a handwritten aphorism by the author. Housed in a matching clamshell case. 


FREUD & BUDDHA & ME by Nico Mensinga.


A letterpress Poetry Broadside. Printed in an edition of 100 copies. Signed by the author.


Printed in three colors on 110lb fluorescent white lettra paper from Cranes.  This is 100% cotton paper.  Printed from lead type and wood blocks. 13" by 18".


'London drama Daphne is one of those films so tightly focused on its central performance that its impact will very much depend on your attitude to the screen presence of lead player Emily Beecham. Indeed, this debut fiction feature by Peter Mackie Burns (director of 2011 documentary Come Closer) takes considerable risks in making its central character so unapologetically abrasive. It’s a challenge to which Beecham rises, while being alternately appealing and emotionally affecting; although, of course, that’s all in the eye of the beholder.'



NEAL CASSADY by Charles Plymell.


A broadside, letterpress poem by Charles Plymell, with letterpress reproduction of a photograph by Allen Ginsberg of the two friends, and at that time flatmates, outside the apartment they shared in gough st. 


Printed in an edition of 100 numbered copies, all signed by the author.  Printed in three colors on cranes lettra ecru 110lb 100% cotton paper. 10" by 14".




'Plymell is a classic authentic intellectual warrior for fair play individual freedom and verse that swings, bops and rocks.'






Portraits of Writers

by Allen de Loach

Previously published in 1984 by White Pine Press, this new edition is released in hardback in a limited edition of 100 copies.

A Collection of photo-montage portraits of writers including William S Burroughs, Robert Creeley, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Gary Snyder, Jerome Rothenberg, Michael McClure, Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky, Emanual Fried, Diane Di Prima, Graham and Elyse Everett, and Robert Duncan. 

THE ILLUMINTIONS - Arthur Rimbaud/Jeremy Reed 

A new translation and modern reworking of Arthur Rimbaud's The Illuminations, by Jeremy ReedPublished here, in its first edition of 130 hardback copies, of which 4 are issued hors commerce), all signed by the author. Featuring art by the legendary San Francisco artist Bob Branaman. Hand-bound and letterpress printed by Bill Roberts at Bottle of Smoke Press.

To secure your copy please follow the links below.

Numbered Edition (100 copies) Cloth hardback. Signed.

Lettered Deluxe Edition (26 copies) Signed by both.

Bound in Vellum, housed in custom-made clamshell box with original handwritten poem by Jeremy Reed, and signed perforated tab sheet of cover art by Bob Branaman.

HEADSHOTS: A Selection of Original Photographic Portraiture of Prominent American Writers by Allen De Loach


Photographs by Allen De Loach of American authors including Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, Michael McClure, Robert Creeley, and William Burroughs.

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