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Ragged Lion Journal #5

January 2021.




Eddie Is Back // Eddie Woods


The Beautiful Star Inn from Les Chimères // Albert Merat // Trans. Tim Mitchell


Shakespeare - For Alessia // Peter O’Neill


Cabals // Niall McDevitt


Towards A Cohesive Vision of Madness // Sarah Fletcher


David’s Birthday // Jeremy Reed


An Apple with Orange Signature: John Ashbery’s 

Commotion Of  The Birds. Carcanet Press, 2016 // Jeremy Reed


He Drew The Sun From His Pocket, and For S. // Tuli Kupferberg


Fascist Spores // David Hackbridge Johnson


Géza Csáth - A Parting Note to a Dead Lover // Lana Durjava


Faded // John D Robinson


Looking For A Kiss // Richard Cabut


Umbrella Man // Chris Kelso


“Besides, it’s always other people who die” // Derek Beaulieu


Nick Demske: Eponymous Debut // Stephen Bett


Now You See It - Now You Don’t See It 

( A True Account of Gregory Corso) // Nina Zivancevic


Today // Louise Landes Levi


Nightwaltz // Pociao


Ira Cohen: The Simurg, The Zahir and Valmiki’s Arrow // Ian MacFadyen


Woodcuts // Laurance Philp


edited by e.a.d. sellors


Ragged Lion Journal #5 // January 2021

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