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Ragged Lion Journal // Number Four // May 2020


Printed in an edition of 200 copies by Ragged Lion Press.


edited by e.a.d.sellors






Reminiscences of the Eternal Feast: Six Impressions of Goya’s Saturn Devouring His Son (1819-1823) // Martin Bladh


Dennis Nilsen: The Heart and Its Reasons // Lana Durjava


 The Marquis de Sade and the Gothic Novel // Maurice Heine // Translated 

from the French to English by R J Dent




Echoes & Reverberations // Steve Finbow


Le Flacon/The Flask // Baudelaire // Translated by Peter O’Neill


Da Brik Meets Matisse, and The End as I Imagine It  // El Habib Louai


Old capital is not as heady as new, nothing heady about none, 

I Lost You on the Train, and Untitled // Bonny Finberg


Smoke // Antonia Alexandra Klimenko


Golden Aphorisms, Delfica, and Panorama // Gerard de Nerval // Translated by R J Dent


The Laurel Cursed // Jean Cocteau // Translated by R J Dent


 For Ira (Cohen), and When Orpheus Died // Hans Plomp 


 The Gleaning (For Laura) // Peter O’Neill




Drawings and Paintings  // Alexander Adams

Ragged Lion Journal #4

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