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Ragged Lion Journal #3




Printed in an edition of 200 copies.









Generation Bloodbath // Paul Curran

Attempting Death at Sea // Amanda Hodgson

Self-Destruction in Art and Life // Lana Durjava

A section from the Second Cantos of Les Chants 

de Maldoror // Comte de Lautreamont // Translated by R J Dent

-/+ // Michael McAloran

Richard Brautigan’s days in Amsterdam // Rene Van Der Voort

Francis Bacon: A Corrosive Kind of Love // Lana Durjava

Wrestling with the Sky: Mayakovsky’s Revolutionary Influence 

on Frank O’Hara’s Revolutionary Verse // Nina Zivancevic




Twelve Times Twelve, and New Mutations // Audrey Szasz

Why I Didn’t Fuck Zizek // Tom Bland

Ramadan Roundabout // Pociao

Summer // Georg Trakl // Translated by R J Dent

Airborne, In Negative, and Male Pain Fixation // Karina Bush

The Opiate, and The 1000 Names  // Louise Landes Levi

Rene Daumal // Translated by Louise Landes Levi

The Devil in Red Velvet, Poetry Readings, and Crack // Jeremy Reed




‘Topographies of Ecstacy’// Drawings by Nick Hudson



edited by e.a.d. sellors


Ragged Lion Journal #3

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