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A Journal of Re-Appropriation


Out June-July 2020.


£50 RRP, with 20% off for pre-orders.


A Folio comprised of 40 individual items, including Art Prints, Chapbooks, Posters, and Original Collages.



Table of Contents



Mini Art books & Chapbooks:


'By The On-Traps’ cut-uo of Ballard’s Crash and Rimbaud’s Drunken Boat - Chapbook by Chris Kelso, with street photography by Matt Bialer.


DEPENDABILITY - Riso print leporello by Mr Pelham 


Burroughs/Acker/Kavan - Cut-up chapbook by Audrey Szasz


Pces/Snds by Steve Finbow


Next Steps - Art leporello by Hanna De Heus


Disaster Series - Art Chapbook by Sharon Anderson


Society of the Spandex (A cut-up of Guy Debord's Society of the Spectacle and a fetish story from 'Madame', a femdom magazine)

Cut-up Chapbook by Guy DePorn (Lev Parker)


First War News - Fascists’ Wives’ ‘Move In’ - father won’t mind - Folding Art Book/poster by Arpsianism


Civic - Art Chapbook by Chris McCabe


To The Death of Big Brother? - 1984 cut-up - Chapbook by EADS


Art book - Leporello by De Villo Sloan


Collagen - Folding Art book poster by Sabine Remy (Signed)


Crowley Spears ( A cut-up of Britney Spears and Aleister Crowley) - Chapbook by Karina Bush


Manifesto - Chapbook by Arpsianism




Art Prints & Broadsides


Hands That Grab Nothing - Art Print by Hanna De Heus


Next Steps - Art Print by Hanne De Heus


Three Art Prints by Chandor Gloomy


Art Print by Chandor Gloomy & Porridge Van (Sexton Ming/Jason Williams)


Flying Towards Faded Glory, O Boy, The Beast Called Love An Awkward Thing, The Truth is I’m Hooked on a wicked Princess, Art Prints by Victor Clevenger


The Motherfucker  - Word cut-up/collage art print by Chris Kelso, with street photography by Matt Bialer


C.U.M. (cut-up manifesto), broadside by Lula Valletta


Frozen Ocean, Concret Asemic Music. Art Prints by De Villo Sloan


Three Art Prints by Chris McCabe


je suis toujours la - i’m always there, The Dreamer, The Looking Glass. Art Prints by Antonia Alexandra Klimenko


Manifesto. Broadside by Arpsianism





Original Collages:


50 shades of Tzara. (50 portrait collages of Tristan Tzara).  By EADS (Signed)


Ransom Notes - including a numbered booklet of the 50 Ransom notes. Each copy includes one original word collage by EADS (Signed on collage and inside book) 


ERRorISM: A Journal of Re-Appropriation #2