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FREUD & BUDDHA & ME by Nico Mensinga.

A Letterpress Poetry Broadside, from the award-winning writer of films Titus, & Daphne

Printed in three colors on 110lb fluorescent white lettra paper from Cranes.  This is 100% cotton paper.  Printed from lead type and wood blocks. 13" by 18".

Printed in an edition of 100 copies. Signed by the author. £25


'London drama Daphne is one of those films so tightly focused on its central performance that its impact will very much depend on your attitude to the screen presence of lead player Emily Beecham. Indeed, this debut fiction feature by Peter Mackie Burns (director of 2011 documentary Come Closer) takes considerable risks in making its central character so unapologetically abrasive. It’s a challenge to which Beecham rises, while being alternately appealing and emotionally affecting; although, of course, that’s all in the eye of the beholder.'


Read more of the Screen Daily article about Nico's feature HERE

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