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The Afterlife of the Party.

New & Selected Poems 2016-2018. - John Dorsey

Cover art by Bob Branaman. With an introduction by Mike James.

"Outlaws in literature are rogues who carry no gun, but fire into the center of our awareness.  They use the present, past, and interior world of their dreaming and living. John Dorsey has done a hell of a job! This book will give you a thought provoking introduction to Dorsey's style and talent.  I find his writing clear, weirdly funny, moving, and sorrowful.  If I were to compare John Dorsey to a respected literary figure, it would have to be Ed Abbey. Both were protectors and observers and laid it out to be remembered!"

---Ann Menebroker

Paperback £8

"I always know when I am reading a John Dorsey poem.  His style is uniquely his.  It's as unmistakable as a Greg Corso or a Kell Robertson poem.  It's playful, dark, bardic and authentically American."
---Todd Moore, Author of Dillinger's Thompson
              Phony Lid Publications, 2002.

"I've written about John Dorsey before. He's a vagabond angel, a word lunatic, a visionary. I saw him read at The Beat Museum and it blew me away. If Gregory Corso and Allen Ginsberg have a spiritual heir, it's John Dorsey. He is carrying the torch,lighting the landscape, singing alone in the wasteland. There is nobody that touches him. Nobody comes close. True genius. Every poem is a complete reward for the moments spent reading it. I feel honored to have met him. I hope to God I see him read again."
---David Barker, Author of Charles Bukowski Spit in My Face, a Memoir
                Salem, Or, 1982.