Audrey Szasz is a London-based writer and poet. Her experimental narratives weave exotic prose-poetry with surreal imagery and transgressive satire.


Her first release in print, Plan for the Abduction of J.G. Ballard is out now via Infinity Land Press


Captain Koretsky’s Daughter, to be published by Ragged Lion Press in 2020, is her first novel.


‘Audrey Szasz is a deviant genius of surreal and perverse imageplay; her subversive imagination shocks and thrills in equal measure. She may well be the strangest and most disturbing new writer now at work in Britain. If she was in France she would be feted.’

~ Todd Swift


Poems by Audrey Szasz

A handmade chapbook printed in an edition of 100 copies.


Ragged Lion Press. All rights reserved. 2020

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