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A collection of new poems by A D Winans, released here its first edition. Cover art by Bob Branaman. Paperback. £6

“A.D. Winans is the poet heart of San Francisco.  He tells it like it was and is.  His eye, sense of the observed detail, his empathy for the ruin and resurrection of San Francisco, is unique."


- David Meltzer

"Here is a word-slinger, A. D. Winans, a poet of clarity, an artful man who makes it all seem to easy, a captive writer in his home port, San Francisco, a voice nailed onto the soil of his native land, capable of writing as he speaks."


- Neeli Cherkovski


Walking Through Puberty:

Selected Short Stories.

By A. D. Winans

A selection of short stories by A. D. Winans, illustrated with original photographs from the authors archive. Paperback. £8

" A. D. Winans is one of the few writers I have met (and I've met Too God Damned many of them) who doesn't act like a writer or think of himself continually as a writer, and maybe that is why he writes better than they do.  I always prefer a poet I can tolerate for more than ten minutes; that's rare, and so is A. D."

- Charles Bukowski

"He seems to me, quite simply, a natural writer of extraordinary talent.  By this, I mean that everything I read by him fills me with pleasure because of a beautifully natural and easy use of language."

Colin Wilson


'A.D. Winans is a native San Francisco poet and writer. He is the author of over fifty books, including North Beach Poems, North Beach Revisied, and This Land Is Not My Land, which won a 2006 PEN Oakland Josephine Miles Award for excellence in literature.  Recent books include Billie Holiday Me and the Blues, No Room for Buddha, Love-Zero, and the just released San Francisco Poems.

In 2009 PEN Oakland awarded him a lifetime achievement award. In November 2010 BOS Press published a 365-page book of his Selected Poems.  In 2012 Little Red Tress Press published his book San Francisco Poems.  He is a graduate of San Francisco State College (now University).

From 1972 to 1989 Winans edited and published Second Coming Press, which produced a large number of books and anthologies, among them the highly acclaimed California Bicentennial Poet’s Anthology, which included poets like David Meltzer, Jack Micheline, Charles Plymell, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Ishmael Reed, Josephine Miles, Bob Kaufman, Gene Fowler, and William Everson.

He worked as an editor and writer for the San Francisco Art Commission, Neighborhood Arts Program, from 1975 to 1980, during which time he produced the Second Coming 1980 Poets and Music Festival, honoring the late Josephine Miles and John Lee Hooker. He has read his poetry with many acclaimed poets, including Jack Hirschman, Diane DiPrima, Bob Kaufman, Jack Micheline, Harold Norse, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and all of the past and current San Francisco Poet Laureates.
In April 2002 a poem of his was set to music By William Bolcom, a Pulitzer Prize winning composer, and performed at New York’s Alice Tully Hall. Writers like Colin Wilson, Studs Terkel, James Purdy, Peter Coyote, Herbert Gold, Jack Micheline and Charles Bukowski have praised his work.

His essay on the late Bob Kaufman was published in the American Poetry Review and was republished in 2007 by The Writer's Research Group.   In September 2009 the article was again re-published along with a poem of his for Bob Kaufman, as part of a booklet produced by the Los Angeles Afro American Museum.'


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